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About iDiet4U and Caveats

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We thought we'd tell you a little about ourselves - not just a legal disclaimer, but how came about.

My husband and I have lost over 1,000 pounds between us using the diets that are found at We have since found a weight-maintenance program that is healthy, easy, and fits our lifestyle.

Prior to finding and maintaining the plan that was perfect for us, we fought an ongoing battle with the bathroom weight scale.

At our workplaces, FAXes would periodically produce single-page fad diets that would spread around the offices, like wildfire. Every week, there was a new group of folks who would try the new fad diet with varying degrees of success. Since everyone's body type and metabolism is different, some diets would work better than others.

Experimentation seemed to be the key, finding the perfect diet for each individual. The group would gather at lunchtime and discuss their varying results, while offering each other support.

The single-page FAXes did not necessarily have all the details of the diet in reference. It was often an office worker's summation of a diet that may have been published by a Dietician or Physician, which included only the nuts-and-bolts of the program in question. If dieters sought more information about a particular diet, they would bear the burden of doing the research.

A few people with health concerns were careful enough to have their Doctor look at the FAX and ask them if they should try this diet, or avoid it. This is a standard precaution that should be taken prior to attempting any diet - especially one with little documentation.

Although we moved on in our lives and decided to maintain our weight loss with a life-long system and no longer needed the yo-yo dieting FAXes any longer, it had become somewhat of a hobby. And people were often asking us for them. First, we started offering them free via email, until that became a full-time affair.

Then we thought that making the information available via a Web site ( would be more practical. We had no idea what would happen next...

Our incoming email went from 100-a-day, to 4,000-to-12,000 a day! The content of the email onslaught was easily divisible into thirds. One-third (our favorite) was from people thanking us for providing the information to them at no charge and would often carry their own personal results and/or story. Another third were questions about a particular diet that may (or may not) have been featured on our Web site.

It is important to note that we are not dieticians, only folks who have struggled with weight loss and have tried everything under the sun. We cannot offer any advice and provide this as information, free of charge, without any guarantees or warrantees whatsoever. Please help us by not emailing us for more information, because we cannot respond to these emails.

The last third was pure sales junk (including spam-mail). People trying to sell us something or trying to get us to buy-into a particular diet, system, etc... Although, we are always interested in a dieter's results, we will not respond to any solicitations, nor are we likely to endorse any system or program.

As the popularity of grows, so does the amount of time that it takes for us to sift through our email. We would like to keep this minimized, and only encourage people to thank us and tell us their own personal stories (that's the only reason that we do this, is in an effort to help people out who may be struggling with weight loss) and not bog-us-down with emails that we cannot (or will not) respond to.

Thank you for visiting We hope that you will find something that may help you in your search for weight loss solutions.

We sincerely would love to hear your personal weight loss stories. Your hosts,

-Shelley and David Masters




David M Masters
David M. Masters


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