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Eat Three Times The Food - Anything You Want

Eat Anything You Want Times Three


Believe it, or not, you can eat exactly those foods that you want. The foods that you crave and desire -- multiply it times three -- and lose weight while you do it!

No more worrying about your next binge, avoid the restrictive diets that feed cravings, when you can embrace the foods that you love, multiply them times three, and watch the weight disappear.

Believe it. Thousands of people are doing it, and you can, too. Here's the trick:

1. Choose you favorite food item that you are craving, i.e., a slice of cherry cheesecake.

2. Make that item (cheesecake, or whatever) a part of your balanced meal by:

      a) adding a protein item of the same weight as your selection

      b) adding a fruit item approximately the same weight

3. Eat all three items as a balanced meal, and lose weight while you do it.

In our example you've selected a piece of cheesecake. Add to that, one apple and a slice of cheese (for example) that each weigh about the same as the slice of cheesecake, and now you have a balanced meal.

It's that simple. Eat whatever you want, make it one-third of your balanced meal, eat it all and lose the weight.

Why does this make you lose weight? It is a bit bewildering. After all, it seems like you're eating a lot more, not less. But studies show that this plan actually does help you lose weight or maintain weight loss, for several reasons.

First, most fattening snack foods have a high glycemic index, which means that your body responds by releasing insulin. This leads to fat storage and weight gain. When you add a protein and eat it at the same time, that lowers or stabilizes your glycemic index. In a way, it neutralizes the harmful effects of the other food. This is something that even the Zone eating plan (a high protein approach) advocates. They say that, even though simple sugars are not recommended, if you must eat one now and then, add a protein. Think of it as harm reduction.

There's another reason why adding both a fruit or vegetable and a protein is effective, though. If you eat three different types of food every time you eat, you can't help but balance your diet. People who eat a balanced diet are seldom overweight. It's a great way of giving your body what it needs, and that, in turn, reduces cravings and urges to snack. If your diet is balanced, you are healthier, and it's easier to stay in control of your eating.

Finally, if you eat three types of food every time you have the urge to snack, it's almost guaranteed that you won't need to snack as much. In fact, you might find that a sort of transformation takes place over the span of just a few days. On the first day that you follow this plan, you may snack as much as usual, and therefore eat three times as much. Don't worry – it won't last. The next day, you may only feel the urge to snack half as many times, because you are already so well fed and satisfied. Soon, you will be able to stick to a healthy diet most of the time. That's when the pounds really start to come off.

Believe it or not, the "Eat Three Time the Food" system of eating really does work. By temporarily eating more rather than trying to eat less, you can stop feeling deprived and start being really well-fed. Over time (and it doesn't take that much time!) you will be able to establish much healthier eating patterns.

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