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The Fat Smash Diet

Initially made popular due to VH1’s weight-loss reality show, Celebrity Fit Club, the Fat Smash diet has won widespread approval from doctors and health experts alike.

The principle behind the name is that you achieve your weight-loss goals by smashing bad habits and misconceptions about diet. The diet follows a 90 day program in 4 phases - detox, foundation, construction, and the temple.

Phase 1 - Detox (9 days)

Diet is essentially vegetarian - mainly fruits and vegetables (raw or steamed/grilled) to absorb natural nutrients, vitamins and minerals in 4 or 5 small daily portions, 3 hours apart, with plenty of water - plus daily exercise (30 minutes cardiovascular exercise 5 days a week, or a walk after dinner for up to 25 minutes).

This phase rids the body of toxins and impurities, developing a good basis for the following phases.

Phase 2 - Foundation (3 weeks)

Additional foods are allowed from a given list (lean meat/seafood, selected cereals and extra dairy), and physical activity is increased by up to 15%. The eating regimen of phase 1 is maintained (strictly no meals to be skipped) including plenty of fruit and vegetables, and fried foods are a ‘no-no’.

This phase establishes good eating and exercise habits for a healthy ongoing lifestyle.

Phase 3 - Construction (4 weeks)

Yet more additional foods are allowed from a given list (such as pasta and bread), portion sizes may be increased maintaining plenty of fruit and vegetables as before, with at least 4 daily meals stipulated. 1 non-fruit dessert per day is permitted (1 scoop low fat ice cream or 2-3 cookies or graham crackers) and physical activity is again increased by up to 25%.

This phase builds the diet plan up from the earlier ‘toning-down’ phases.

Phase 4 - The Temple (remainder of the 90 days) Most foods previously denied may now be included in limited quantities, and physical activity set at 1 hour for each of 5 days weekly.

This phase is to maintain the ‘temple’ of your body, in which your lifestyle achieves a balance for maintaining your desired body weight. If your goal weight has not been reached by the end of the 90 days, phase 1 may be repeated.

The Fat Smash Diet is a simple, manageable approach to weight loss. Unlike many fad diets, it's also a healthful weight loss program, with its emphasis on fruits and vegetables and reasonable amounts of exercise.

You don't have to count calories and you aren't limited in how much you eat. Though, overeating is not recommended.

The promotional literature claims that the Fat Smash Diet will promote overall health and help to prevent or decrease the severity of medical conditions including heart disease, diabetes, stroke, and osteoarthritis while also helping individuals lose weight.

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