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The Mediterranean Diet

What to do:

The Mediterranean diet is based on the dietary traditions of Greece, southern Italy, parts of North Africa and the Middle East.

People who follow the average Mediterranean diet eat less saturated fat than those who eat the standard American diet.

Designed for adults with easy access to fresh produce. Also potentially helpful for those at risk for heart disease.

A basic dietary outline will look like this:


  • cheese & yogurt
  • olive oil
  • fruits
  • beans, legumes & nuts
  • vegetables
  • bread
  • pasta
  • rice, couscous, polenta and other whole grains
  • potatoes
  • physical activity


  • sweets
  • eggs
  • poultry
  • fish


  • meat

The Mediterranean diet emphasizes a variety of minimally processed, seasonally fresh and (if possible) locally grown foods.

Encourages moderate daily physical activity for increased health and weight loss benefits.

Moderate consumption of red wine, increased intake of water and fresh fruit encouraged as dessert.

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