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Oasis LifeSciences Inthinity Weightloss

Meta Fuel Power Burn Lifetime Money Back Guarantee

Neutraceutical company, Oasis LifeSciences, presents a scientific breaktrhough that supercharges weightloss by altering your DNA and cellular renewal.

The Inthinity Weightloss System looks at weightloss from a totally different perspective than other weightloss products/programs. It operates on the cellular level - as far down as the DNA level - to change the metabolism of the user to, say, your healthy 20-year-old metabolism.

The three-step system includes Meta Fuel, a meal replacement shake that minimizes hunger and maximizes energy. Meta Power, with Omega 3 fatty acids that access stored fat and creates energy, and Meta Burn, which improves metabolism and enhances fat burning with no harmful stimulants, like Ephedra, or Ma Huang. This system is also naturally-based on products from mother-earth without the use of chemicals and is approved as safe for use by Diabetics.


  • Meta Fuel Protein Shake
  • Meta Power Capsule

Inbetween meals (with a snack)

  • 3 Meta Burn Capsules


  • A sensible meal
  • Meta Power Capsule

A sensible meal, plus

  • Meta Power Capsule

The cost of the System is roughly $6 per day for the first month (due to the start pack costing a little more than refills), then drops to about $4-to-$5 per day.

The system boasts an unheard of, "Lifetime Money Back Guarantee." If for any time during your life, if you're not completely satisfied with your weight loss, simply return your empties for a 100% refund.

Other diets deprive you of too many calories, forcing your body into starvation mode. This lowers your metabolism even more and jump-starts your desire for fat and sugar, a sure prescription for weight gain.

Unlike other diets, the Inthinity Weightloss System targets your cells and DNA, reprograming them to their more youthful state. Dr. Ken Power, who directed a double-blind clinical trial of the Inthinity Weightloss System says, "It is a true scientific advance that alters the underlying metabolic cause of obesity."

Although exercise is not required for the Inthinity Weightloss system, your body does need to circulate oxygen in order to achieve maximum effectiveness of the program. Chief Science Officer and best-selling author of, "The Metabilic Plan," Stephen Cherniske, suggests wearing a step-counter to track the number of steps that you are taking per day. Most people walk between 3,000 and 5,000 a day. By simply increasing how much you walk to 10,000 steps a day, you can achieve the benefits of moderate exercise.

The system comes initially with a starter-pack which includes a month's supply of the products, step counter, guidebook, personal diary, video and audio tapes.

Oasis LifeSciences also provides a toll-free weekly national support call, a Web site and a hot-line number to ensure your sucess on the System.

Considering their weight loss guarantee, or your money back. You could basically try this system, for 90 days - or a year, for that matter - for free, if you are skeptical. If you're not 100% pleased with your weight loss results, simply return all your empties for a 100% refund.

As you lose weight on the Inthinity Weightloss System, Oasis LifeSciences encourages you to share your experiences with others who might benefit from the System. They offer an attractive compensation plan to those who help spread-the-word and register and a "wellness consultant."

Note that Oasis LifeSciences is not a weightloss company focussed on extracting millions of dollars in so-called fad diets. Oasis LifeSciences is an all-natural neutraceutical (all natural products) company focussing its scientific firepower on cellular renewal, DNA enhancement, health, wellness and anti-aging.

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