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We love our Don't Diet Or Exercise weight losers! And you are invited to join the ranks of the thousands of people who have successfully lost weight and maintain a healthier, more active lifestyle with added longevity.

Our 12 week weight loss challenge is free. Simply fill out the following form, and you can start to get our weekly emails, tracking your progress and inspiring you all along the way.

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Terms and Conditions: Entrants/contestants agree to allow us to use their images, names, stories and other data to promote the Don't Diet Or Exercise System.

The Don't Diet Or Exercise System
For too many years, and more diets, "magic potions" and "miracle" cures than they care to remember - new-age weight-control gurus David M. Masters and his wife, Shelley, fought a losing battle of the bulge. Theirs was one nightmare experience after another, unhealthy cycles of shedding weight only to have the pounds come back with a vengeance time after time.

But five years ago all that began to change. Literally sick of diets and with little success in exercising to keep in shape -- the Masters developed their own weight loss system based on medical facts, extensive dietary and nutritional information, and common sense.

Today, after more than 2,000 thinner and healthier clients have proven their program to be totally safe and effective via the Internet. David and Shelley bring the incredible secrets of weight loss control and management to the millions of other overweight Americans, who, like their former selves, have not found the answer either by dieting or exercising.

The Don't Diet Or Exercise System is the book a too-hungry nation has long been waiting for. Readers can feast their eyes on simple, easy-to-understand and follow practical methods for weight loss - and all the while eat anything and everything they want!

Never before has there been a more sensible approach to weight management. In these pages you'll discover smart, tasty ways to satisfy/curb appetite, shed and keep off pounds for good. A new, customized, healthier lifestyle awaits you!

Sounds too good to be true, but it is true as can be. The Don't Diet Or Exercise System is not a diet. Forget all that rigorous exercise. There are no complicated exercises or gyrations to perform, no expensive equipment to buy, no aerobic video routines, and eat anything you want, because this is not a diet.

Within the pages of this book, you will learn the secrets to your weight loss success, like:

How To Lose Weight While You Sleep
Yes. With The Don't Diet Or Exercise System, you lose weight while you sleep. No complicated programs, no Ephedra or Ma Huang, no stimulants, nothing to keep you awake at night... and while you sleep, the pounds melt away, as the system burns fat as you slumber. Not guaranteed for 30, 60 or 90 days but guaranteed for life!

Lose Weight While You Eat Junk Food
The Don't Diet Or Exercise System is not a diet. Diets are highly restrictive and tout, "eat this," and, "don't eat that." Not so with The Don't Diet Or Exercise System. You get to enjoy the very same foods that you enjoy now, all the creature comforts without the guilt. Ever see those Hollywood models and actresses eating on the set? They eat all those catered goodies, and you can too - and still lose weight!

How To Lose Weight Eating Fast Food
Not only do you lose weight while eating fast food, it's actually an important part of The Don't Diet Or Exercise System. We understand, in this fast-paced dog-eat-dog world, you're on the run. And you'll be eating on the fly. You are encouraged to eat at your favorite fast food chains... and, YES you will lose weight while eating at fast food restaurants. Once you know the secret.

Lose Weight Eating At Your Favorite Restaurants
The beauty of this system is not being a restrictive diet. You can still enjoy eating out at your favorite restaurants. Remember when your friends would invite you to meet them at a restaurant? If you were dieting, all your fears would come to life, knowing that it would throw you off your diet. Not anymore...

Lose Weight Eating Anything You Want!
The Don't Diet Or Exercise System is custom-designed to accommodate you, and the foods that you love. No sacrificing taste, no dietary limitations, no exclusive foods to eat. You can eat and enjoy all the foods that you are currently eating and watch the weight and dress sizes keep going down!

Lose Weight While You Watch TV
No, there is not some spooky hypnotic video to play on your TV. You are encouraged to watch TV along with the secrets revealed in The Don't Diet Or Exercise System, and you will lose weight. Finally, the ultimate system for the couch potato, only you'll be turning from a potato into a sexy string bean.

Magic Weight Loss Potions Revealed
Not only does The Don't Diet Or Exercise System demystify the thousands of magic weight loss potions, pills, elixirs and lotions. Once you know the secrets, you can custom-design your own weight loss potions from the information that we provide. (Though this is not necessary for our system.) ... and so much more... All the secrets will be revealed - disclosing the most highly guarded methods used by weight loss coaches - empowering you to become your own weight loss coach.

No, this is not a one-time purchase that will sit in your collection of diet books. This book will make you the master of your own weight and healthy lifestyle once you apply these basic principles. Enjoy renewed health as you renew your body and regenerate yourself from the inside out. Live a long, lean, healthier life with The Don't Diet Or Exercise System. This is the only weight loss system that will help you to lose the weight and keep it off. That's why it's the only system with a 100% lifetime guarantee. Nothing else compares.

The information posted on this website should not in any way be used as a substitute for the advice of a physician or other licensed health care practitioner. Product Guarantee: Lifetime money back guarantee. Shipping to U.S. territories and Canada only.




David M Masters
David M. Masters


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