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Our Favorite Best Selling Books

THE DON'T DIET OR EXERCISE SYSTEM - Lose Weight Eating Anything You Want
For too many years, and more diets, "magic Potions" and "miracle" cures than they care to remember - new-age weight-control gurus David M. Masters and his wife, Shelley, fought a losing battle of the bulge. Theirs was one nightmare experience after another, unhealthy cycles of shedding weight only to have the pounds come back with a vengeance time after time.
But five years ago all that began to change. Literally sick of diets and with little success in exercising to keep in shape - the Masters developed their own weight loss system based on medical facts, extensive dietary and nutritional information, and common sense.
Today, after more than 2,000 thinner and healthier clients have proven their program to be totally safe and effective, David and Shelley bring the incredible secrets of weight loss control and management to the millions of other overweight Americans, who, like their former selves, have not found the answer either by dieting or exercising.
The DON'T DIET OR EXERCISE System is the book a too-hungry nation has long been waiting for. Readers can feast their eyes on simple, easy-to-understand and follow practical methods for weight loss - and all the while eat anything and everything they want!
Never before has there been a more sensible approach to weight management. In these pages you'll discover smart, tasty ways to satisfy/curb appetite, shed and keep off pounds for good. A new, customized, healthier lifestyle awaits you!

THE CHOCOLATE WEIGHT LOSS DIET - You Can Eat Chocolate And Lose Weight
It's the-most delicious diet idea ever… and yes, it works! Now you can eat chocolate, plus all other foods you love and lose weight with The Chocolate Weight Loss Diet.
Can chocolate really be the new dietary "miracle cure?" Seventeenth-century European physicians thought so, and they may not have been far from the truth. Recent scientific studies have shown astounding health benefits from the cacao bean, the source of all chocolates. New scientific data is rolling out as this book goes to press.
Learn how rich dark chocolate can be a key ingredient to a slimmer you and a healthier lifestyle. By utilizing the astounding benefits of the cacao bean and following the guidelines herein, you will not only lose weight - you'll create an entirely new you, while reducing your exposure to the many diseases plaguing the world today. Get set to enjoy a higher quality of life, and longevity.
Whatever your weight, The Chocolate Weight Loss Diet can be customized for you. Eat chocolate, plus other foods you love and achieve lasting weight loss goals, renewed energy, and a longer, healthier lifestyle.
It's the-most delicious diet idea ever… and yes, it works!

The 3-Day Solution Plan: Jump-start Lasting Weight Loss by Turning Off the Drive to Overeat - Lose up to 6 pounds in 3 days!
Based on the amazingly effective method developed by weight-loss expert Laurel Mellin, The 3-Day Solution Plan will give you a powerful, step-by-step plan to turn off the drive to overeat while shedding up to six pounds! A proven program for lasting weight loss without dieting, The Solution Method was developed by Mellin at the University of California, San Francisco’s School of Medicine. Health magazine named it one of the 10 top medical advances of 2000. But this is the first time The Solution Method has been made accessible to everyone as a results-oriented jumpstart to the program–and it only takes three days.
The life-changing potential of The Solution Method is that it directly addresses the feeling brain, the home of our most primitive urges, like eating. Other weight loss programs are based on knowledge and planning–activities of the thinking brain. The problem is that there is no significant relationship between the feeling brain and the thinking brain. Reason can’t make anyone stop wanting a cookie.
But as Solution participants attest: this program works. Two- and six-year follow-up studies have shown The Solution to produce weight loss without dieting and unparalleled results in terms of keeping it off. In just three days you will get started with the method and

  • Lose up to six pounds without dieting
  • Learn how to turn off the drive to overeat
  • Follow the simple and healthy 1-2-3 Eating Plan
  • Find out how fantastic you can feel every day!

Jared, the Subway Guy: Winning Through Losing: 13 Lessons for Turning Your Life Around
Jared Fogel was, is, and will continue to be America's weight loss icon. As an obese college student in Indiana he lost 245 pounds on a self-devised diet of Subway sandwiches. Since 2000, he has appeared thousands of times on national television as the spokesperson for Subway's Eat healthy Platform; and he's slated to continue in this role indefinitely. In fact, Subway worried that he might be getting overexposed and decided to discontinue him. Sales fell off. Jared was quickly rehired. But to keep him from being overexposed, Subway's program runs Jared for six or eight weeks every three months.
His book is not so much a diet book (his diet was pretty simple to grasp - eat Subway sandwiches) but it's more a motivational, self-help book which offers hope to people who want to change their lives.
Jared has also appeared on Oprah, Larry King Live, the Today Show, Good Morning America, the Jane Pauly Show and has made hundreds of speaking appearances and public appearances at sports and civic events.

Mayo Clinic Healthy Weight for Everybody
Don't think you'll get the Mayo Clinic Instant Weight-Loss Diet in this book--there's no such thing. Instead, you get the information that the esteemed Mayo Clinic physicians and dietitians give their patients about weight control. There's no doctor-speak here: every point is explained simply and clearly, organized with frequent bold headings for easy skimming, and illustrated with helpful charts.
Mayo Clinic on Healthy Weight is divided into three parts: "Getting Motivated," "How to Lose Weight," and "When You Need More Help," including medications and surgery. The information is highly individualized, encouraging you to identify your unique challenges, eliminate your overeating triggers, and try new foods. The authors set the record straight about low-carb diets ("people do not gain weight on high-carbohydrate diets unless they are eating excess calories") and low-fat diets ("low-fat does not necessarily mean low-calorie"). They prompt you instead to use the Mayo Clinic Healthy Weight Pyramid to eat moderate portions of a varied, nutritious diet, emphasizing lower-calorie foods that make you feel full because they contain fiber and/or water.
Mayo Clinic on Healthy Weight has plenty of extras that make the book interesting and instructive: how to read a food label; recipe ingredient substitutions; eight luscious-looking, illustrated recipes; the number of calories burned during various exercises; and tricks for changing bad habits.

The New Mayo Clinic Cookbook
The New Mayo Clinic Cookbook takes a contemporary and creative approach to health-conscious cooking that is user-friendly and practical, and sets a new standard for healthful cooking in America. The design takes a clean, classically modern approach and is supported by stunning, colorful ingredient-driven photography. Organized by ingredient and type of food, the recipe chapters are based on the Mayo Clinic Healthy Weight Pyramid and are dedicated to the pleasures of cooking and the art of eating simply and well. Features nSimple, inspiring recipes are grouped by ingredient and type of dish, with stunning photography nA detailed introduction explains the Mayo Clinic Healthy Weight Pyramid and its relevance to eating well for better health nAlso features easy-to-follow menu plans, shopping advice, and eating strategies for reaching daily nutrition goals.
The New Mayo Clinic Cookbook was announced winner of the Health category for the 2005 James Beard Foundation Awards. Established in 1990 to recognize and honor excellence and achievement within the culinary industry, the James Beard Foundation Awards are the premier honors for fine food and beverage professionals in North America.

Bodybuilding a Realistic Approach: How You Can Have a Great Body!
Bodybuilding A Realistic Approach, shows you how to realistically tone, shape, and build your body. It helps you set and reach realistic goals by first identifying your body type and showing how to properly perform basic exercises for the entire body. It includes easy-to-follow workouts and nutritional programs for losing and gaining weight.
The first few chapters are for people who are just getting started with weights and progresses to those who want to compete in a bodybuilding contest. It has over 250 phototgraphs and illustrations of amateur bodybuilders with realistic physiques.
Also included: Dormroom and Home training, Sex & Bodybuilding, Women & Bodybuilding, How to prepare for a bodybuilding contest & MUCH MUCH MORE!

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THE CHOCOLATE WEIGHT LOSS DIET: You Can Eat Chocolate And Lose Weight!

The DON'T DIET OR EXERCISE System: Lose Weight Eating Anything You Want!

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